Escapism LP

by Hyraxe

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I wanted my first album to be special, something that represented a milestone both in my career as a musician and in my life. I wanted a piece of work that I could look back on and remember what my life was like when I wrote it. Escapism is probably as close to a snapshot of my life as I can get. I’m incredibly happy that it turned out the way it did and I wouldn’t change anything about it if given the opportunity.
Escapism was not a solo project. Tevlo, lonemoon, Edencio, and wildest provided amazing vocals, Milkish co-produced Choices and nailed it, Dead Link Recordings made beautiful artwork for each track, and so many people gave feedback on the album in its various stages and were essential in shaping it into what it is now. My fans are super supportive and keep me motivated to one up myself with every release, and my family and friends put up with my overexcited music rants and late nights spent producing. Everyone, thank you so much. Escapism wouldn’t be Escapism without you.
I hope you enjoy my album <3





Hyraxe Chicago, Illinois

Thanks for listening!

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Track Name: Towards the Sun (ft. Tevlo)
We fight on, to see another day
We hold on, to live a better way
We fight on, to see another day
We hold on, to live a better way

Time is moving faster as we race towards the sun
We're chasing after shadows of what we will become
But in our minds we crave what isn't real
And all in time we'll fall back down to Earth
Track Name: Choices (ft. Milkish & lonemoon)
Make your choice
Will you go to yesterday, forget the sound of my voice?
Make your stand
Will you forget me for you, forget me for all that I am?
Track Name: Escapism (ft. Edencio)
I can finally see the sky
Without out darkness, the stars don't shine
Must of blown many clouds away
For your attempt to escape
Cuz the stars don't shine this bright that often

Seek distraction from your reality
Leave yourself, engage in my fantasy
This is the key to your shackles
Bomb to your shrapnel
You've won every battle and
I know you'd fight again
Up the mountain, we ascend
Only seconds go by
Miles and miles we rise
Without out darkness, the stars don't shine

Track Name: Take Back (ft. wildest)
I see lines, reaching forward
You and I, back before
Watch me diffract, splitting away from you
Never enough, we'll take it back